Handwritten Notes

It’s been some time.

I’ve celebrated my birthday, travelled to the Great Lakes and returned, and received handwritten notes since I last published, each reminding me how sweet it is to be and have loved ones.

Each day, especially those containing a direct reminder, I should adjust my focus and remember everyone needs something different from their friends.  Some need quality time; others need words; still others need hugs.  A shorter drive may be more convenient than a long flight, but no easier or more important.  I am called to meet my friends’ needs I can as best I’m able, in the moment, whatever the distance, no matter how much or little I want back.

Of course, I knew this already.  But bringing my friendship vocation to life through phone calls and handwritten notes is the part on which I need to work.  I can’t love someone without showing them, still expecting them to stick around indefinitely.

So I strike a deal with myself to meet the needs of my friends better, more often, without condition.

Handwritten Notes