Trying It On, Taking It Off

Have you ever tried on a belief and subsequently wanted to take it off again?

I tried on a belief that would put me more in line with the Church – I studied its logic, even said it out loud to someone dear – but it’s not sticking.  In fact, it feels awful knowing I said it without meaning it, and worse knowing I said it in an effort to belong.  Thankfully this person is forgiving.

What I’m certain of:  I’m not 100% in line with the Church and I doubt I ever will be.  I am certain I am not alone:  polling data among Catholics proves that.

Instead of continuing to worry about it, I mean to stay focused on a practical application of the positive things I picked up in church:  to live rightly, with joy, compassion, and forgiveness.

After all, right living is what’s most important.  I believe what a person shows me over what they say.  For love is dead without deliberate action.  It doesn’t happen by accident or wishes.

Trying It On, Taking It Off