Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging

I am an INFJ (introverted-intuitive-feeling-judging) personality type.

My home is my safe place.  So I cringe when the phone and the doorbell ring.

I’m not shy, but I may be emotionally overstimulated, overexposed, and overextended in interpersonal interactions with (what seems like) very little warning.

I know things deeply but I can’t always able to put my finger on how.  This makes me incredibly stubborn.  It also frustrates me to hell and back when I’m unable to explain to others what I intuit.

I hate being corrected arbitrarily. I require evidence.

I remember slights or hurts for a long time and often never bring them up again after I’ve finished processing them. Because I’m sure everyone else has moved on.

I can’t stand conflict because I have difficulty verbally expressing myself under pressure.  It’s important to me to be understood clearly and I feel I can’t be without the right words.

I periodically become anxious and have nightmares, usually about my loved ones.

But I maintain a sense of wonder in the face of facts.  I love order and classification but still worship the actuality of Life in the face of its improbability.  That’s what draws me out and kindles the explorer in me.

Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging