Everywhere. Pants, sleeves, shirt, shoes. Socks, towels, pillows, blankets.

C, you are happier walking. You talk and talk. You finally learned “Mama” and I’m no longer “Daddy.” You are happiest climbing or “up Mama.” The stepstool, the couch, the table on which the aquarium rests, the toilet. You laugh and make jokes and have the funniest high-pitched cackle when you’re wound up. You help a lot in your sweet toddling way. You pass Christmas cookies and water bottles to your big brother. You’d pass him those toys, too, if he’d kist wait another moment. You love giving Lola Dog and Cally Cat treats and kibble. You point at the canister and say “Tee! Dee!” You don’t really like getting in your car seat or anything else with a seatbelt, which sometimes makes getting Dougie to school on time a challenge. But you’re down to check out new places. You recently started protesting shirts going over your head, but you are interested in learning to operate socks and shoes. You like the slide and swings are kinda meh, so different from D. You ask for waffles, bananas, and snacks by name. Fox is by your side at every nap and bedtime; its name is “Wah.” Drinks are “doo” and belly button is “deedee.” Daddy had to let go of “bunky;” that was D’s word. You are obsessed with – and so good at – giving us kisses. Mmmmmmm-ah!

D, you are blossoming again. You are precocious and sometimes super snuggly. It is such a joy to watch you grow after an adventure. You napped in Michigan when your body needed it and you were an awesome travel buddy. Wish we had figured out sooner that there was an enormous touchscreen game right next to us at IAH, duh! You still have your jokes, my love. You make them up all the time – and songs, too. Your imagination is wild and fast and your feet can barely keep up with the stories you tell when you play. You are getting better at sharing and your brand new sticker chart will show it soon. You are also getting better at arguing and I bought the relaxing essential oil blend to prove it. You are teaching me not to take it personally. To look for the message behind the words. You take forever to get your shoes. You pedal your bike all by youraelf. You do your best to take care of your little brother, even when your attention isn’t welcome. You are so good with babies, like O and O. Do you miss Will? I know you love school and your tracher and you even like most of your classmates.

You both have these ridiculous colds that won’t stop. Neither of you wants to blow or wipe your nose even though I have gotten so good at helping gently. Both of you remain in good spirits…mostly. Both of you sleep through the night…occasionally. Both of you climb all over me all day, from the couch to the floor to the kitchen to D’s bed while we read bedtime stories. I am covered in kisses and bumps and hugs and tugs. So much closeness. So much smashing.

More cookie decorating tomorrow. And I hope the rain stops. Playing in the wet was fun today but the novelty may wear off. And Lola Dog wants a real walk.

Love you always, everywhere, no matter what.