Holy Family

Jesus, help me guide these kids to grow up with truth, decency, and integrity. Remind us all that you sought mercy and justice, not revenge or evening the score. You are a resurrection message, bringing transformation beyond conviction.

Mother Mary, protect the hearts and souls of all seekers. Give each one the mom hugs they need, especially the ones they maybe never got.

Saint Joseph, protect all kinds of families, especially the ones on the run like yours. Intercede for their safety and dignity (physical and spiritual and economic) as they move through this world.

Holy Family, in your story, you were on the move from day one. A surprise baby for Joseph. A birth in a barn for Mary. Then your king was killing his people’s children. You had to run. You settled for awhile in a land that wasn’t your home. You waited. And then, when you returned, your son drew attention and drew followers and drew crowds and drew criticism. Because he came to teach love, mercy, and justice to all. And you stayed all the way through, when his enemies took him and hung him up to die.

Holy Family, you show me the story of a blended refugee family that became the earthly origin of Christ. This is not by accident. Intercede for the vulnerable among us, and remind me that I am to do my part with my own hands and feet.

Holy Family, you are the story of every marginalized person in the world. Remind each of us to welcome the stranger, because each of us is the stranger in someone else’s story. And each stranger is meant to be treated as a neighbor.

Holy Family, you charge us to change the wrongs of our world into rights.

Mother Mary, you show us that love accepts uncertainty.

Saint Joseph, you show us there’s no such thing as other people’s children.

Holy Family, many suffer as you did and otherwise. Even so, hate and death was overcome because together you created love first and the story of love first is that love 👏 always 👏 wins. 👏 Remind us that transformation – a resurrection in love – is the point of your story, the lesson we are meant to live.

Ex caritate, amen.

Holy Family